Colorado Gun Control Bill Information 3-3-2013

Posted on Mar 03 2013 by Andy

The Democratic leadership has changed the process for the gun hearings yet AGAIN!

Please plan your day accordingly if you’re going out to support our gun rights!

Due to scheduling, they’ll be hearing each bill individually taking testimony for and against lasting 90 minutes each. Remember this is the Senate Committee hearing and your chance to speak out against these bills!

Assuming each bill runs a full four hours, the following is a suggestion of what the calendar tomorrow MIGHT look like! Remember, based on debate, etc, this can change to be longer or shorter so be prepared for a long day ahead! Please remember as well, they’ve split these bills up between two rooms!

State Affairs Committee (Senate Committee RM 356, third floor of the Capitol)

  • 10:30-2:30 – HB 1229 – Universal Background Checks
  • 2:30-6:30 – HB 1228 – Background fees
  • 6:30-10:30 – HB 1226 – Prohibiting Concealed Carry on college campus

Judiciary Committee (Old Supreme Court Chambers, second floor of the Capitol) 

  • 10:30-2:30 – SB 197 – Prohibition of gun possession while under a restraining order
  • 2:30-6:30 – HB 1224 – Limiting the size of magazines
  • 6:30-10:30 – SB 196 – Assault Weapons ban
  • 10:30-2:30 – SB 195 – CCW training

Remember folks, it’s up to us to put a stop to these politicians!