Colorado Gun Control Bill Information 3-8-2013

Posted on Mar 08 2013 by Travis

Just because these gun control bills have survived the 2nd reading doesn’t mean that the fight is over! The 3rd reading and final recorded vote is to occur early next week so there is still time to continue to put the pressure on. Continue to blast your Senate representatives and the following Senators with e-mails, phone calls and whatever other forms of communication you have with them! Let them know you DO NOT support these measures!

The following bills have moved on to the 3rd and final reading which will conclude with the final recorded vote.

►HB 1224 (mag ban)
►SB 195 (online CCW)
►HB 1229 (private sale ban, increased background checks)
►HB 1228 (background check fees / tax)

Contact these Senators (in addition to yours) as they could be the determining vote!

Senator Angela Giron -SD03- (303)866-4878

Senator Jeanne Nicholson -SD16- (303)866-4873

Senator Cheri Jahn -SD20- (303)866-4856

Senator Nancy Todd -SD28- (303)866-3432

Senator Andy Kerr -SD22- (303)866-4859

Senator Linda Newell -SD26- (303)866-4846

Senator Gail Schwartz – SD05- (303)866-4871

Keep it up!

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