Straight Talk on Guns…….?!!?!! WE NEED YOUR HELP

Posted on Mar 28 2013 by Andy

On Tuesday morning April 2nd the Denver Post (Liberal Rag) is holding a panel discussion on gun control on the national level.  The panelists will include the editorial board of the Denver Post as well as Diana DeGette ( gun grabbing lunatic), Ed Perlmutter (anti second amendment tyrant)  and many others second amendment hating tyrants.  We would like to flood the room w/ law-abiding gun owners so we can let our voice be heard and overwhelm the lies they will definitely be spewing about YOU!  This event will be held at  The Denver Post Auditorium, 101 W. Colfax Ave Denver, from 0700 till 0930 (am).  FREE Breakfast buffet at 0700 auditorium opens at 0800.  This event is FREE, but you do need a ticket to get in.   RESERVE YOUR SEAT TODAY!  @    Don’t let them trample your rights again!!!!!

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