Land Navigation & Map Reading

Land Navigation & Map Reading

          Land Navigation is a two day course that works at developing two critical outdoor skills, knowing how to interpret a map and how to use that information to navigate the wilderness. Participants will learn the fundamentals of map reading and apply them in a cumulative practical exercise that entails traversing over 1500 meters.

Prerequisite: None

Cost: $250

Topics to be covered

Types of maps, reading marginal information, contour lines, terrain features, determining distance on a map, determining map coordinates using UTM, determine an azimuth, route planning, navigation logs, methods of navigation, types of compasses, use of a compass, basic GPS operation

Required items

Open mind and willingness to learn
Notebook and pencils
Adequate footwear for hiking (boots or sturdy shoes)
Suitable outdoor clothing (be prepared for minor weather)
Hydration system
Compass (some loaners available)
Sack lunch (day 2)

Recommended items

Map case
Map markers
Rain jacket
Small pack to carry gear
Camp / folding chair
Extra water
Extra socks