Defensive Carbine Operator 1-4


Defensive Carbine Operator is a series, made up of four one day classes. This course teaches the student gun fighting techniques and covers operation and manipulation of a carbine.   Defensive carbine focuses on fast and precise shooting from Contact to 50-200 yards and beyond.  This class is open to any serviceable carbine.  AR, AK, FAL, M1A, M1 Carbine, other carbines or sub-guns welcome.

Prerequisite: Level 1, none. Level 2-4 require the previous level course or equivalent.

Cost: $150 per day. Book multiple days and receive a $25 discount per day.

Length: 4 one day courses


Topics to be covered

Level 1:  Stance, grip, recoil control, sight operation, rifle setup, malfunctions, reloads, target acquisition, shot placement, search & asses, carry positions, gear selection

Level 2: Shooting positions,  intro to shooting from cover,  target transitions/multiple target engagement, turning to targets

Level 3:  Moving to target, moving and shooting,  alternate shooting positions, support side shooting & manipulations, Stress Shoot

Level 4:  introduction to Shoot House, Stress Shoot, Extended Distance, Team Movement, Side Arm Transition, Course Qualification Shoot


Required Items

Open mind and willingness to learn

Serviceable Carbine (sub-guns welcome)

4 serviceable magazines for carbine

250+ rounds of ammunition per day

Working sling on carbine

Vest or belt capable of holding 3 magazines

Ear & Eye protection  (electronic ears recommended)

Suitable clothing for outdoors shooting


(Prepare for minor weather, more thin layers is better than one thick layer)

Water (there is no running water at the range)

Sack lunch (there is no time to leave the range for lunch)

Spare Batteries for optics

Tools for optics


Recommended items

Reflex sight such as Aimpoint, Eotech, etc…



Shooting gloves

Shooting mat or pad

Sandbag/Bench Rest/Removeable Bipod

Sun block / Sun screen

Camp / folding chair

Cleaning Kit

Sun Shade


DCO1-4 is 8 hrs per level @ $150 per day.  Book 2 or more days and get $25 off per day.  Groups of 4 or more receive same discount. May not be combined.


To reserve your spot contact or call us @ 720-984-8762