Precision Rifle 2

                Precision Rifle II is an advanced course that builds on the foundation of Precision I. The majority of this course revolves around shooter / spotter teamwork. During the course, teams will have to work together to acquire, identify and engage targets of unknown distance from 200 to 1000 yards. This course also has added stress of time constraints and unusual shooting positions

Prerequisites: Precision Rifle I

Cost: $250

Length: 2 days

Topics to be covered

Rapid bolt manipulation, milling exercises, unknown distance shooting, shooter spotter dialogue, Coriolis effect, Spin drift, Barrier experimentation, Partner assisted shooting positions and more.


Required Items

Open mind and willingness to learn

Precision Rifle(some rentals available)

(.308 preferred, call for questions on caliber)

Adjustable scope (turret style)

120 rounds ammunition (same make, model and grain weight)

Ear and Eye protection

Rear bag

Rifle cleaning equipment

Binos or spotting scope

Pocket sized calculator

Notebook and pencils

Clothing suitable for outdoor shooting (prepare to shoot in minor weather)

(no shorts / sandals)(long sleeve shirt recommended)

Water bottle / water system (no running water at the range)

Scope wrenches for zeroing turrets

Sack lunch (both days, no opportunity to leave the range)


Optional Items

Data / log book

Small first aid kit

Shooting mat

Weather / wind meter


Camp/ folding chair