At 303 ARms we believe that YOU are the weapon, your gun is only a tool.  Like all tools, you need to have sufficient training to make sure you are using it to it’s fullest potential.  We offer high quality firearms training from Basic Beginner through Advanced Tactical and Team Dynamics.  We pride ourselves in offering the most up to date and practical training out there.  No flash or pizzazz.  If it ‘s not a field proven method, we don’t teach it.  Keep yourself and your loved ones safe this year. Join us for a private or group lesson (group rates available).

303 ARms CORE Classes


303 ARms Workshops

  • Weapon Orientation & Familiarization
  • Low Light FundamentalsWork Shop
  • Tactical Medicine
  • Casualty Care and Rescue
  • Basic Suvival
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Home Security
  • Church/ Office Security
  • Custom Classes Available on Request

NRA Certified Classes