Practical Rifle

The goal of this course is produce trained Rifleman and Riflewoman. It provides a general understanding of basic rifle marksmanship. During the course, students will learn to properly apply the fundamentals of marksmanship in order to accurately hit targets ranging from 50 to 250 yards. This is not fast paced course; instead it slows a shooter down and works on often over looked skills. All too often people jump into a fast paced “run & gun” without knowing the proper operation of their rifle.

Prerequisite: None

Cost: $100

Length: 1 day

Topics to be covered

Rifle setup, characteristics, capabilities, function, assembly, disassembly ,sight options, loading, unloading, malfunctions, ballistics, trajectory, zeroing, grouping, shooting fundamentals, point of aim / point of impact, effects of wind, firing positions, alternate firing positions, sling shooting, ammo selection and gear placement

Required Items

Open mind and willingness to learn
Serviceable rifle (typical rifle caliber recommended, .223, .30, 5.45, 6.8)
2 working magazines (minimum)
100 Rounds, all of same make and grain weight
Ear protection (electronic recommended)
Eye Protection (Clear and shaded preferred)
Suitable clothing for outdoor shooting (NO SHORTS) (Be prepared to shoot in minor weather)
Hydration carrier or water bottle (filled, there is no water at the range)
Sack lunch (there will be no time to leave the range for lunch)
Spare batteries for optics (if applicable)
Tool required for zeroing (if applicable)


Recommended items

Shooting gloves
Shooting mat or pad
Sun block / Sun screen
Sling or strap for weapon
Bipod and adaptor for rifle
Binoculars or spotting scope
Vest or system to carry magazines
Camp / folding chair

For more information or to register, please e-mail or call us at 720-984-8762.