Precision Rifle 1

This course is for those who are interested in undertaking the practice of long range shooting. It’s main purpose is to simplify some of the daunting math and science involved in shooting at distance. By analyzing ballistics and trajectory of common calibers the goal of this course is to be able to place first round hits on practical sized targets as well as gain a thorough understanding of a precision rifle. Precision Rifle focuses on individual shooting skills at known distances out to 600 yards.

Prerequisite: None

Cost: $250

Length: 2 days

Topics to be covered

Rifle setup, capabilities of different calibers, malfunctions, cold bore shot, precision marksmanship, minutes of angle, zeroing, scope theory, effects of wind and weather, alternate shooting positions, ballistics, ammo selection, establishing dope and using a log and range estimation.

Required Items

Open mind and willingness to learn
Precision Rifle(some rentals available)
(.308 preferred, call for questions on caliber)
Adjustable scope (turret style)
160 rounds ammunition (same make, model and grain weight)
Ear and Eye protection
Rear bag
Rifle cleaning equipment
Pocket sized calculator
Notebook and pencils
Clothing suitable for outdoor shooting (prepare to shoot in minor weather)
(no shorts / sandals)(long sleeve shirt recommended)
Water bottle / water system (no running water at the range)
Scope wrenches for zeroing turrets
Sack lunch (both days, no opportunity to leave the range)


Optional Items

Data / log book (available for purchase on site)
Spotting Scope
Small first aid kit
Shooting mat
Weather / wind meter
Camp/ folding chair

For more information or to register, please e-mail or call us at 720-984-8762.